Tom Menino Needs To Resign

Yesterday’s horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line should mark the finish line for Tom Menino as Boston’s mayor.

Menino was effectively nowhere in the aftermath of the tragic event. Sure, he showed up at a press conference, as the Boston Herald’s Joe Battenfeld noted:

IMG_3418.JPGThe tragedy occurred in the middle of a heated U.S. Senate race, just two weeks before the primary and also at the beginning of a frenzied campaign to succeed retiring Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

But Menino, even ailing and hospitalized with a broken leg, managed to come out for a press conference while his would-be successors suspended their campaigns for what could be weeks to come.

“Managed to come out for a press conference,” though, is a far cry from managed the fallout from the tragedy.

Here’s Menino’s coverage in the Boston Globe (as of Tuesday at 1:13 am):

Picture 2

And here’s Menino’s coverage in Google News (ditto):

Picture 1

The hardworking staff has never been a fan of Mayor Mayberry, whose many accomplishments have been marred by his mean, petty, vindictive temperament. Regardless, we take no joy in his precipitate decline over the past year.

But it’s past time.

Tom Menino needs to resign.

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