Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Miss Da Mayah Edition)

It’s  Week Two of the Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight, and the hardworking staff is pleased once again to bring you the details.

Start with the Underdog, the Boston Herald’s online Press Party. As always, our feisty local tabloid treats its every move as news. Page 2 news, to be exact:

Picture 1

Here are the details:

Picture 7

You can see the segments here, although inexplicably still not on YouTube.

So then, let’s trundle crosstown to the Big Dog, WGBH’s Beat the Press. (Standard disclosure: The hardwatching staff was a longtime contributor to BTP but no more.)

Topics this week:

Tom Menino, Media Mechanic. For a politician who regularly mangles his speech, Boston Mayor Tom Menino has been masterful at managing the media over his 20-year term. How does his cultivation of the press play into his legacy?

Minor Issue? Should news organizations identify minors accused of misdeeds when they haven’t been charged with a crime?

Rants ‘n’ Raves. Our panel highlights some media hits and misses from the week.

You can see it all here (also not on YouTube).

Pick your poison, people.

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