Paul Grogan Has To Be Pissed At The Boston Herald

Our feisty local tabloid plays Great Mentioner today in handicapping the potential field for next Boston mayor.

City power players: Our top picks

The race for mayor 2013 — the first without an incumbent in three decades — likely will draw a scrum of hopefuls from City Hall to the State House and beyond. You can’t tell the players without a scorecard. Here’s ours:

Picture 1

For the cheaters-deprived . . .

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1 Response to Paul Grogan Has To Be Pissed At The Boston Herald

  1. Many years ago, I responded to a detailed, phone survey that was clearly about Boston politics. I had the surveyer on speaker phone while I busily did a bunch of computer hardware stuff, so I figured I wasn’t wasting their time.

    They listed a really long list of names (probably 30-40) to get my favorability opinion on them. They surveyer said that I was the only person she interviewed who even came close to knowing every name on the list. I knew and had opinions of all of them except one: Paul Grogan. Didn’t know the name (at the time).

    I have since realized my stupid ignorance, because he plays an important role in the city’s civic and non-profit life. But if I then had no idea who he was, what do you think of the other 630,000 people in the city? Grogan’s name recognition problem makes him a super-longshot, at best.

    What I don’t understand is why people are looking to Dan Conley over Ralph Martin. If Martin wants to run, he could clean up as the outsider candidate and face off against Connolly.

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