Let The Wild Sequester Rumpus Begin!

The secastration battle is well underway, with the Obama administration blaming the GOP for the coming budget cuts, and vice versa.

The Obamanaut case (via Politico Influence):

AFSCME, AFT, SEIU, NEA ON AIR WITH SEQUESTER AD: The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the American Federation of TeachersService Employees International Union and the National Education Association have teamed up on a new sequester-themed political ad. The ad targets Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and other congressional Republicans, accusing them of obstruction.

The spot:

Supers on-screen:

Pain for Millions

Tax Breaks for the Rich

Reckless Cuts

Reckless cuts that will “devastate our troops, first responders, students, educators, families, seniors, and could destroy a million American jobs.”

Have they left anyone out? Oh, yes – Inuits looking to move to warmer climes.

Meanwhile, the conservative side has weighed in with this spot (via Chris Stirewalt’s Fox News blog):

Additional info:

A conservative group is trying to battle back against President Obama’s sequestration PR blitz this week with a new ad on the Internet and cable stations.

YG Network, the advocacy group led by John Murray and other staff alumni of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s team, helped Republicans maintain their majority in 2012 with independent expenditures in several House races. Now they are pushing a more national message as they join the sequestration fight.

The ad, citing the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, accuses the president of creating the sequestration and then “kicking the can.” The visuals: a giant animated can bearing Obama’s face smashing down a residential street and careening into a busy intersection. The group is putting about $100,000 behind the ad.

That’s a kick in the can, eh?

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