What’s This? The Herald Track Gal (Without Laura!)

From our Late to the Going-Away-Party desk

The hardreading staff yields to no man in its admiration for the Boston Herald’s Track Gals (without Megan!). But this is too much.

First it was zany sidekick Megan Johnson.


Now it’s Track Gal Laura Raposa.


From yesterday’s Boston Herald Inside Track:

W2ST0269.JPGInside Track’s Laura Raposa starting a new chapter

Veteran Herald writer Laura Raposa, longtime co-columnist with Gayle Fee of the paper’s popular Inside Track, has announced that after 30 years with the paper and 21 years co-writing the daily column, she will be leaving the paper March 8 to focus on cooking, historic preservation and independent writing projects. Raposa, an accomplished cook and baker, said that “leaving the Herald, where I have worked my entire adult life, is bittersweet.”

“I will miss the Herald as well as my colleagues, many of whom are like family, especially my partner Gayle Fee,” Raposa said. “At the same time, I am excited by the prospect of pursuing my passions and interests outside of daily journalism while continuing to write.”

Hey, Gayle Fee (a.k.a. the Track Gal): The hardreading staff is always available for consultation.

Originally posted at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.

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