NBC = Not Being Competitive

The Peacock Network has plummeted to new depths in the latest ratings period.

From the New York Times:

NBC-articleLargeIn Turnabout, NBC Prime Time Lands in the Cellar

With every passing week, the sudden blossoming of prime-time success that NBC experienced last fall is looking more like a mirage.

The ratings of last September through December, when NBC shocked the television industry by winning 13 of 15 weeks, have dissipated to numbers so small they have not been seen before by any broadcast network — certainly not during a rating period known as a sweeps month, when networks present their strongest programming.

When the official numbers are completed Thursday, NBC will finish this sweeps month not only far behind its regular network competitors, but also well behind the Spanish-language Univision. No broadcast network has ever before finished a television season sweeps month in fifth place.

Something Univision was quick to note via a full-page ad in – wait for it – the New York Times:

Picture 1

NBC = Now Beaten Corporation.

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