Idiotic Quotes o’ the Day (Bar(h)ack Obama Edition)

Via Mediaite:

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????MSNBC’s Axelrod And Gibbs Deny ‘Pro-Obama’ Allegations, Claim Mantle Of ‘Independent’ Analysis

MSNBC’s hiring of former high-ranking Obama staffers David Axelrod [Obama’s Narrator] and Robert Gibbs [former Obama White House press secretary] once again puts the network in the position of having to defend itself against allegations of being decidedly “pro-Obama” in its reporting and analysis. Speaking with CNN’s Howard Kurtz this morning, the two pushed back against such accusations and instead claimed the mantle of “independent analysts.”

Idiotic quote #1:

“I don’t see it either as being a cheerleader for the president or as a spokesman for the administration’s point of view,” Gibbs said.

Idiotic quote #2:

“My role is not that of a surrogate, but an analyst and commentator,” Axelrod told the CNN media reporter. “I’m proud of my work for and with the president. But in this role, I will offer observations, based on my experience over 35 years in journalism and politics.”


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