Gabriel Gomez Is The Belt-And-Suspenders Senate Candidate

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful (and former Navy SEAL/current private equity investor) Gabriel Gomez has failed to submit to a single news media interview, but he has released his second Web video, this one chronicling his signature-gathering efforts to get on the ballot for the special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry (D-I Am the Secretary of State).


From the narration:

[My kids are] gonna have fun going out there talking about how their Dad’s running for Senate and they’re gonna try to get signatures for our campaign . . .

I’m running for Senate, I’m Gabriel Gomez – we’re getting signatures.

From Thursday’s Boston Globe:

Campaign adviser Leonardo Alcivar would not say how often Gomez is meeting with voters or where or even whether his visits are scheduled in advance. Gomez is spending 24 hours a day assembling a campaign and preparing for a run, Alcivar said.

“That means building a team, focusing like a laser, gathering signatures, meeting with voters, talking with activists and elected officials, and putting together a fund-raising plan that will ensure we have the necessary resources to compete,” said Alcivar.

Interesting that neither Alcivar nor the Globe piece mentioned that Gomez is paying a signature-gathering company “more than $100,000” to collect the 10,000 signatures he needs to get on the ballot (which – wait for it – the Globe reported last week).

That’s ten bucks per John Hancock, for those of you keeping score at home.

Which is very likely more than the Gomez kids are earning.

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