Shootout At The YouTube Corral

The gun nuts (both divisions) are at it again with dueling TV spots that exist in entirely parallel universes.

From TPM:

NRA Returns To Message Calling Obama’s Plans Elitist In High-Capacity Magazine Ad

Forget the softer tone. The National Rifle Association on Thursday returned to the hardcore style of messaging that drew so much derision to the group just last month.

The gun lobby group rolled out an ad that flew in the face of the softer tone the organization struck earlier in the week by once again attacking President Obama’s gun violence prevention plans as elitist hypocrisy.

“So they want to ban high capacity magazines. Not for the security that surrounds the president, congress, Mayor Bloomberg, rock stars, CEOs and wealthy big shots,” the ad’s narrator said. “And the mad men, drug cartels and home-invading killers will still get them from the same black market that sells drugs, stolen cars and everything else that criminals buy.”

“It’s just the rest of us, the law-abiding average people, who will have to defend our families with limited capacity magazines,” the narrator continued.

The TV spot:


No indication (as far as the hardsearching staff can gather) of how much the NRA will spend on the ad, but so far it has 2689 views on YouTube.

On the other end of the gun control spectrum, a TV spot from (via The Guardian):

NRA-backed Congress members under attack in new TV ad

Liberal campaign will launch 30-second commercial to air on mainstream cable channels

The National Rifle Association, the gun rights group that has vowed to oppose President Obama’s reforms in the wake of the Newtown shooting, is coming under mounting attack from progressive organisations seeking to break its hold over members of Congress.

The latest assault on the gun lobby comes from the internet-based liberal campaign, which is launching a 30-second TV adthat aims to hit members of Congress as they arrive in their home constituencies next week for recess. The film features a gun owner from the sensitive electoral state of Ohio, who delivers a pointed message to those Congressmen and women who enjoy close relations with the NRA.

“The NRA doesn’t speak for me, and it doesn’t speak for the vast majority of Americans, so stop taking their money,” says Jerry Thompson, star of the film, who makes a point of introducing himself as a gun owner and “proud defender of the second amendment”.

The TV spot, which MoveOn says it’s “spending a six-figure sum to broadcast . . . nationwide on cable channels such as CNN and MSNBC”:


YouTube views: 144,403. (An Ohio version targeting Sen. Rob Portman has gotten 3708 views.)

Round One: Gun control advocates.

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