Herald’s Carr Puts Ex-Chelsea Housing Thief – Er, Chief – In Jail

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr really wants to see former Chelsea Housing Director Michael E. McLaughlin thrown in the sneezer.

From todays piece of work:

Pension pitch; drop the Mike!

Memo to the Chelsea Retirement Board: Don’t even think about it.

Don’t even consider giving the about-to-plead-guilty-to-felonies Mike McLaughlin a pension. He shouldn’t get even a “reduced” one of $128,000 or so that he would have been eligible for if he’d played by the rules, as impossible as that would be for the lifelong payroll patriot.

This may seem like a scenario not even worth discussing. But we are, after all, talking about Chelsea, Damascus on the Mystic. This is a city where McLaughlin, as head of the Chelsea Housing Authority, was for years able to pay himself an annual salary as high as $360,000 while telling his board that he was actually making $164,000.

Right. And McLaughlin’s been nailed pretty good for it by US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. So, Carr concludes . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.

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1 Response to Herald’s Carr Puts Ex-Chelsea Housing Thief – Er, Chief – In Jail

  1. Al says:

    McLaughlin needs to do jail time, make financial restitution, and suffer the loss of his pension to a time before his crimes began. Making this deal is not acceptable since it shows another big fish getting a walk for some nebulous claim of “information”.

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