Scott Brown Not The Brightest Bulb In The Vanity Mirror

Subhead: He’s a bit of a stiff, too.

Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-$$$) made his Fox News debut on Sean Hannity’s show last night, and it has received decidedly mixed reviews in the local dailies.

Boston Globe:

Scott Brown_Fox NewsScott Brown makes his Fox debut

Former senator Scott Brown made a transition from potential comeback politician to pundit in just two weeks, making his debut as a contributor to Fox News on Wednesday night in an appearance also billed as an “exclusive” by host Sean Hannity.

Fans and skeptics alike saw the move as a plush landing pad for Brown, a telegenic former model who used his regular-guy appeal to great effect in his campaign for US Senate and whose upset win in 2010 was championed and chronicled on Fox . . .

Wearing a suit with an American flag on his lapel, Brown started off his appearance on the “Hannity” show smiling uncertainly, but he soon hit his stride with campaign- style talking points.

Translation for the Fox News-impaired: Bo-ring . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.

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1 Response to Scott Brown Not The Brightest Bulb In The Vanity Mirror

  1. Al says:

    Is it me, or does Scott look a bit (a lot, really) pudged out? He must have been pounding down depression ice cream since the election. How long will it be before they decide that the suit thing isn’t working and put him in that barn coat of the people? You know, let Scott be Scott.

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