Let The Wild Chuck Hagel Rumpus Begin! (International Association of Fire Fighters Edition)

Finally! Some Chuckleheads who support Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel instead of opposing him.

(Not that the hardworking staff has a dog in this fight. We just like to see a fight.)

From Politico Influence:

FIREFIGHTERS GROUP LAUNCHES ADS SUPPORTING HAGEL: The International Association of Fire Fighters has launched a series of targeted TV and print ads supporting former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination for secretary of Defense. The association is supporting him because he shares the group’s “commitment to respond and serve when duty calls.” Ads will run this week in the Washington, D.C., market on cable and satellite television, and print ads will run next week in The Hill and POLITICO. See the ads here: http://bit.ly/XjGTOm(print) http://bit.ly/WQFXQs (TV)

The TV spot:


Not to get all positive about it.

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