Curses! No More Cursive!!

From our Late to the Party desk

First, full disclosure: The hardwriting staff’s penmanship is a total mess, thanks to filling out thousands of Social Security Administration forms in the mid-’70s to get welfare recipients off the hook for overpayments they were in no way responsible for receiving.

(See The Redemption Unit for further details.)

Regardless, here’s the A-Hed from Thursday’s Wall Street Journal:

OB-WE372_CURSIV_G_20130130234858The New Script for Teaching Handwriting Is No Script at All

Cursive Goes the Way of ‘See Spot Run’ In Many Classrooms, Delighting Students

RALEIGH, N.C.—Across North Carolina and in dozens of other states, teachers are committing what once would have been heresy: They are writing off cursive script.

At a growing number of schools, young students are no longer tracing curving L’s and arching D’s with pencil and paper, no longer pausing at the end of words to dot an i or cross a t. The common core state standards, a set of math and English goals agreed upon by 45 states and now being implemented, sends cursive the way of the quill pen, while requiring instead that students be proficient in keyboarding by fourth grade.

Cursive is optional—and, so far, few schools have opted for it.

That’s just wrong, and one more indication that grammar schools have eliminated the hard part of grammar school – times tables, memorizing poems, penmanship.

In their place, school systems have inserted . . . popularity.

[G]etting rid of cursive is nearly unanimously popular among students. When asked whether they should have to learn cursive, 3,000 of 3,900 middle-school students surveyed by Junior Scholastic magazine in 2010 said it should be erased. “NO! OMG, 4get cursive, it’s dead!”

One question:

Who the hell cares what students think? They’re kids. Adults are supposed to think for them.

Except adults these days are idiots too.

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5 Responses to Curses! No More Cursive!!

  1. Al says:

    Here, here!

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Legibility? Going the way that grammar and spelling, and civility and common sense have gone…

    How sad.

    But we’ve been told that our kids are well-educated and fit for the modern world…

    Is someone lying to us?

  3. Michael Pahre says:

    The little one is getting cursive in grade four in Boston Public Schools. And she had been demanding to learn how to write cursive for two years. She writes every assignment in cursive, whether or not it is a cursive assignment.

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