Are You Ready For The ‘Ready For Hillary’ Super PAC?

Despite Hillary Clinton’s protestations in her kissathon with Barack Obama on 60 Minutes last Sunday, the 2016 presidential race is very much on, as this Politico Influence item indicates:

CLINTON GETS ANOTHER SUPER PAC: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hasn’t left her State Department post yet, but already some of her supporters have formed another independent effort on her behalf. Ready for Hillary has filed the FEC paperwork to be a super PAC. It’s the second super PAC this month to form on behalf of a possible Clinton 2016 run. Earlier in January, HILLARYCLINTONSUPERPAC (yes, all one word) filed papers as well. See Ready for Hillary’s filing here:

And see Ready for Hillary’s rumpus here.

From The Hill [!]:

Clinton backers launch ‘Ready for Hillary’ super-PAC in hopes of 2016 campaign

A group of Hillary Clinton supporters is launching a campaign to draft her to run for president — the first [or second, if you believe Politico] major push from an outside group for her to run.

The group, “Ready for Hillary,” filed as a super-PAC with the Federal Election Commission late last week and plans to roll out a website in the coming weeks.

It has already been active online, with nearly 50,000 Twitter followers and almost 30,000 people following the group on Facebook.

The effort is being spearheaded by Allida Black and Judy Beck, two longtime Clinton supporters who were on Clinton’s Virginia Women’s Steering Committee in 2008 and helped her raise more than $100,000.

The two also were behind Women Count, a political action committee that ran ads pushing back against calls for Clinton to drop out early from the 2008 presidential race.

Now, clearly, they want her to drop in.

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2 Responses to Are You Ready For The ‘Ready For Hillary’ Super PAC?

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Is this the start of the Trillion Dollar Rumpus?

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