Brown Out At The Boston Globe

One little word was big enough to make page 3 of today’s Boston Herald:

012613-scott brown tweets‘Bqhatevwr’ he said

Scott Brown’s Twitter troubles light up Web with jokes

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown set off an Internet sensation early yesterday after a string of odd messages were posted on his Twitter account, including one that appeared to be a misspelling of “whatever,” that turned into a popular online trend.

The tweets of “whatever” to critics began appearing on Brown’s official account after midnight yesterday, including one post that said “Bqhatevwr.”

Twitter users soon used the nonsensical word in famous quotes and pop culture references as the term became a Twitter trend . . .

Compounding the problem: Brown later deleted the tweets. But that didn’t stop the waves of ridicule that subsequently washed over Brown.

Funny thing, had the story (via the Huffington Post) yesterday morning, but it didn’t make today’s print edition.

Your punchline about respective editorial judgment goes here.

Originally posted at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.

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4 Responses to Brown Out At The Boston Globe

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Now, John, it is not politically correct to dump on the fat fingered of this world.
    I know someone who would be offended if you disparaged him or his family.

  2. You have to admit – it’s a bit illuminating to observe what Mr. Brown comes up with when the thoughts and words are his own, and not those of the NFIB, the US Chamber of Commerce, Harvard Pilgrim, Fidelity, etc.

    Sort of like some pop star singers when the lip-sync tape goes awry.

    Look: here’s Scott Brown, on Twitter, without his industry-provided talking points:

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