Let The Wild Chuck Hagel Rumpus Begin! (American Future Whatever Edition)

More slop from the Chuckleheads.

Via ABC’s The Note:

With a little over a week before the Senate Armed Services Committee begins confirmation hearings on former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be the next Secretary of Defense, the television air wars against him are heating up. This morning the conservative group, the American Future Fund, is releasing a tough new ad accusing Hagel of declining to “publicly disclose millions in underlying assets,” accepting “gold plated trips from lobbyists” and noting that he sits on the board of the oil giant Chevron “which receives hundreds of millions in Pentagon contracts.” The group says it is spending half-a-million dollars on the new spot, which will run on Fox News and CNN across the country.

The spot:


But ads like that are unlikely to change facts on the ground like this (via the New York Times):

Hagel and McCain Sit Down to Iron Out a Few Differences

WASHINGTON — For President Obama, the first test of his second term passed peacefully on Tuesday as his nominee for defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, sat down with the Republican who poses one of his biggest potential hurdles to Senate confirmation, Senator John McCain of Arizona.

By all accounts, the 45-minute one-on-one meeting went well enough for the White House to feel that it has finally turned the tide in favor of Mr. Hagel, whose positions on Israel and Iran have drawn heavy fire from conservatives, pro-Israel groups and other critics.

Not quite Game Over, but close.

So maybe all those Americans for Whatever should hold their dollars for another battle.

Just a suggestion.

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