NHL = No Herald League

From our Whiskey Tango Foxtrot desk

The recently ended NHL lockout was like the Iran-Iraq war – you wished somehow both sides could lose. And in a way they both did, so that’s a good thing.

Now comes the task of winning back NHL fans, who by and large are far too tolerant. Regardless, the NHL poobahs ran this ad in today’s Boston Globe . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.

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3 Responses to NHL = No Herald League

  1. Insert “I don’t watch hockey, I go to Tanglewood and listen to blue-hair music” comment from that guy here.

  2. Laurence Glavin says:

    Tanglewood(tm) is not just a site for classical musc, ie symphonic, choral and chamber music, but other genres such as jazz, folk and the Broadway stage. James Taylor has given a number of early-season performances when I’ve been out there just before the Fourth of July. Some of my friends went to the Shed to hear him. I did not join them. Booze beckoned. The Mick probably used the phrase “blue hair music” as a term of derision, implying that the kind of music he perceives as the sole genre played at Tanglewood(tm) appeals only to the superannuated. The season is about six months away; The Mick would do well to venture out to the summah home of the BSO and if he possesses the wherewithal to buy a ticket in The Shed, actually observe the numbers of middle-aged and younger patrons. (It’s the same with the patrons sitting on the lawn).

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