NYT’s Cruise To Nowhere

From Politico’s Playbook:

N.Y. TIMES GOES CRUISING: A full-page ad in Friday’s Times offers a “European Cruise” from Oct. 12-24 (England to Paris to Bordeaux to Spain to Portugal) with Elisabeth Bumiller talking defense, Timothy Egan talking opinion and David Sanger talking foreign policy: “Join a community of Times readers, journalists and speakers in an educational travel program of learning, discussion, exploration and deep relation. … Cruise rates vary from $1,699 for an Interior Stateroom to $8,499 for a Royal Suite, per person. … For those attending our program, there is a $1,675 fee.”  Upcoming Times Journeys cruises will be going to the Eastern Caribbean and Patagonia.


See the ad here.

And all this time the hardworking staff thought those cheesy tours were the exclusive province of opinion magazines like The Weekly Standard and The Nation (they even use the same website and cruise line!).

Obviously, we were wrong.




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3 Responses to NYT’s Cruise To Nowhere

  1. I’ll go on the CO cruise, but I want input on the seating chart.

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