Let The Wild Chuck Hagel Rumpus Begin! (ChuckHagel.com Edition)

As former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Aggressively Nay) battles his way to Secretary of Defense, one skirmish he’s already lost is control of his domain name.

Home page of ChuckHagel.com:



ChuckHagel.com happens to be the exclusive province of Weekly Standard publisher and Emergency Committee for Israel founder William Kristol, who’s doing his best to obliterate the line between journalism and advocacy.

ChuckHagel.com anti-Hagel videos here.

Representative sample:


Bottom line:

Shame on Kristol for hijacking Hagel’s name.

Shame on Hagel for letting him.

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4 Responses to Let The Wild Chuck Hagel Rumpus Begin! (ChuckHagel.com Edition)

  1. Daniel Jewell says:

    It’s unfortunate for Mr Kristol (and fortunate for peace-loving Americans) that the Constitution reserves the power of ‘advising and consenting’ for the Senate, and not the Domain Name Server.

  2. There might be a weapons contract, somewhere, that Hagel wouldn’t approve. Ergo, “not a responsible option.”

  3. Michael Pahre says:

    You gonna buy JohnCarroll.asia and JohnCarroll.asia before I do?

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