Karl Rove Doesn’t Have A Clue

Former House of Bush consigliere Karl Rove submits a beauty in his Wall Street Journal column this week.

My 2012 Mistakes and Fearless 2013 Forecast

The implementation of ObamaCare will be ragged and ugly.

A year ago, I offered political predictions for 2012. It’s time to assess what I got right and wrong—and to make some predictions for 2013.

Actually, what’s ragged and ugly is Rove’s self-assessment. Forget what he got right – here’s what Rove says he got wrong:

On other predictions, I was dead wrong. Republicans did not win the Senate, in part because of at least two bad GOP candidates and an $80 million Democratic spending advantage. Neither Rep. Nancy Pelosi nor Sen. Harry Reid left their leadership posts. Despite a sluggish start, Team Obama did indeed hit its campaign funding target, raising $1.07 billion.

And then there was the presidential election—my biggest missed call. While Mr. Obama’s support declined among independents, women, young people and Jews, he was re-elected. I assumed that, propelled by a normal turnout among all voters (including white middle-class voters) Mr. Romney would win. But Mr. Obama gained ground among Latinos and held onto 95% of the people who supported him in 2008.

No, Karl – your biggest missed call was the election-night meltdown you had live on Fox News:


The hardworking staff’s 2013 prediction: Almost no one will pay attention to Karl Rove.

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1 Response to Karl Rove Doesn’t Have A Clue

  1. “Consigliere” says it all.

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