Peggy Noodnik Writes Again (Alan Simpson Gangnam Style Edition)

The best thing about Peggy Noonan’s latest Wall Street Journal column is her lede, which references the breakout Gangnam video of budget-cutting bhagwan Alan Simpson (forever after to be known as AlSim):


The worst part of Ms. Peggy’s column is this criticism of Pres. Obama’s initial proposal for avoiding the fiscal cliff:

That offer, reduced to its essentials, appears to have been: Tax increases including rate hikes, more spending, permanent lifting of the debt ceiling—and we may talk entitlement reform down the road.

Mr. McConnell said he laughed. Mr. Boehner said he was “flabbergasted.” Some, including in this space, were startled and saddened. We’re in a debt and deficit crisis, the Republicans just got beat and need an agreement, and you offer a deal they couldn’t possibly back? With the clock ticking toward a sequester deadline that could upset major portions of the economy? During a weak recovery with high unemployment?

But a week’s reflection gives rise to other thoughts.

First, that was a real Michael Corleone move.

No – that was the first phase of negotiating.

Get a grip, GOP.

And think: Split the difference.

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