Lunatic Ad o’ the Day (Crazy Pamela Geller Edition)

Pamela Geller is the the anti-Islamist jihada who launched the Ground Zero Mosque rumpus two years ago and this New York subway campaign (which also ran in Chicago and DC) three months ago:


Now she’s back with this doozie (via Buzzfeed):


The ad goes up December 17 in 50 NYC subway stations. Buzzfeed:

Geller’s previous subway posters, below, were all defaced (here’s some examples) the first day they went up, back in September.

In response, The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) will be adding the disclaimer seen on the above pre-press poster.

In anticipation of another round of defacements, Geller told the New York Observer that she printed twice as many ads this time. She added: “I refuse to abridge my free speech so as to appease savages.”

Only in America, eh?

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