Let The Whatever-Billion-Dollar 2016 Rumpus Begin! (Voice-Over Actors Edition)

There were numerous losers in the wake of the 2012 elections: Todd Akin fan fiction websites, Nate Silver short-sellers, Eric Fehrnstrom Limited Edition Etch A Sketches, and etc.

But Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal A-Hed just might feature that saddest lot of all:

Not Everyone Is Happy to See Political Ads End

For Voice-Over Actors, Elections Are Paydays; Recording in Closets

On odd-numbered years, Jane Lueders has been the friendly voice of Washington, D.C.-area directory assistance, Washington subway customer service and Pentagon weapons-training videos. In election years, she is the well-modulated and ubiquitous expression of Democratic anger, hurt, frustration, vulnerability, righteousness and quaking betrayal.

The monthslong barrage of political ads will come to a sudden halt Wednesday—by one estimate more than a million have aired since June alone—and most people will be thrilled.

Not Ms. Lueders, one of an elite cadre of actors clustered around Washington whose calendars explode every four years. The voice-over specialist is communicating these days via email, because she is nearly speechless, croaking “this is what happens,” into the phone line after an election season in which her annual income has risen by 50% and her voice has gone bust.

As have the negative campaign ads Ms. Lueders “loves doing.”

Take heart, voiceoveristas! The 2016 campaign (not to mention the 2014 midterm election) has already started.

Full employment is just around the corner.


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1 Response to Let The Whatever-Billion-Dollar 2016 Rumpus Begin! (Voice-Over Actors Edition)

  1. I am reminded of how being forced by the wife to stop doing ads for “the wrong side” hurt my bottom line years ago. The bad guys do, in fact, pay better.

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