Let Timmy Smoke (‘Em – Again!)

What the hell, right?

The San Francisco Giants pitchers are doing to Detroit hitters in the World Serious what Tigers pitchers did to Yankee batters in the ALCS.

That is, shut them down.

Game 3 box score:

Oh, yes – and the pitching line:

Note especially Tim Lincecum’s stats. The Freak has submitted two commanding performances in the Serious of 2 1/3 innings with no runs and no hits.

Last night he shrugged off a walk in the 7th and an error in the 8th (by Brendan Crawford, who’d just been jinxed by the Fox announcers’ noting that he hadn’t committed an error all postseason).

Regardless, the Tigers wound up being shut out for the second time in a row. That hasn’t happened in a World Serious since 1919 – and then the White/Black Sox were in the tank.

The Tigers? Last night they just looked like their tank had run out.


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1 Response to Let Timmy Smoke (‘Em – Again!)

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    If it weren’t for Campaign Outsider, I’d be pretty much unaware about the “World” Series (played only by proprietary franchises in North America). The unusually low ratings for this year’s series must concern the executives at the Fox Broadcast TV Network. I don’t know if they’re using the breaks between innings or during the boring parts (ie, just about ALL) of the games to promote their fall programming, but the offerings at ABC, CBS, NBC, the CW plus the Spanish-language Univision and Teleflora, I mean Telefutura, I always get them confused, are garnering viewers as if the “World” Series didn’t exist. BTW, one piece of good news for Detroit: the Detroit Symphony Orchestra has added another performance to its appearance at Carnegie Hall in New York City next spring. The Oregon Symphony Orchestra was supposed to appear the same week, but had to pull out due to financial problems. Since the Detroit Symphony will be in town anyway, it will add another performance on the night when the Oregon Orchestra was scheduled to perform.

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