Romney’s Plaintive E-Wail

From the e-mailbag:

Yeah . . . but then there’s this from U.S. News:

The $2 Billion Presidential Race

It’s official: for the first time in history, a political candidate has raised $1 billion in one campaign. President Barack Obama and his Democratic affiliates have raised $1.03 billion this cycle with Romney and his Republican affiliates not far behind, according to U.S. News analysis of the final pre-Election Day fundraising filings from Thursday night.

The filings — which go through Oct. 17 — show Mitt Romney pulled in $112.4 million in the first half of October, slightly more than the billion dollar man himself, who raised $110.7 million. Team Romney has raised $961 million so far this cycle, and will likely cross the $1 billion threshold in the campaign’s remaining two weeks.

So, to recap: The billion-dollar Romney steamroller is whining about the billion-dollar Obama juggernaut.

Ain’t politics grand?


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4 Responses to Romney’s Plaintive E-Wail

  1. Al says:

    How much did Romney’s billionaire buds throw into the various pacs attacking Obama on his behalf? Crossroads ring a bell to anyone?

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Ok, ok, it’s a $4 billion election, $2 billion for each.
    And did we learn anything the we didn’t already know?

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