Let The $5 TRILLION Rumpus Begin!

It was the moment in last Wednesday’s presidential debate when you knew it would be a did-not-did-so affair.


From there, it’s been right to the dueling TV spots.

Air Romney:


Air Obama:


Pick your poison.


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3 Responses to Let The $5 TRILLION Rumpus Begin!

  1. I’ve got a question – are all the ad buys already in place? Or is there prime ad real-estate still for sale somewhere? How quickly do the calendars fill up, and if you can’t buy ads on the TeeVee, where does that money go?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Many of them are, Stephen. The question is, how many more Ernie Boch Jr. ads must die before this madness ends?

      • Al says:

        I’ve been giving my mute button a major workout lately. As engaged as I am, politically, I’ve had it with the ads

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