Dead Blogging The Brown/Warren Debates, Round Two

Three questions from the hardwatching staff about last night’s U.S. Senate debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren:

1) When will the local news media call Brown out on his cook-the-books claim that he’s only voted with Republicans 54% of the time?

That just reflects his 2011 votes. A Boston Globe report several months ago provided a more accurate voting record, which is that Brown has voted with the GOP 76% of the time.

Helpful graphic:

C’mon, Boston news media. Do your job.

2) Why did debate moderator David Gregory force Warren to make a Should-Bobby-Valentine-Go call but let Brown off the hook?

3) Why in the world did local stations run TV spots from Brown and Warren during the debate’s commercial breaks? That’s just wrong.

As is so much about this campaign.


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5 Responses to Dead Blogging The Brown/Warren Debates, Round Two

  1. Paige Impink says:

    National media guys moderating local debates is goofy. They just don’t know the issues and waste so much time on the sensational ones. They try hard to look serious but I think it fails. Same happened with Tim Russert and the Shannon O’Brien/Mitt Romney debate. Marty Meehan has a good seat, right over Gregory’s should on camera.

  2. I thought Brown did very well, as long as they stayed away from any discussion of his views on anything.

  3. My inquiring mind wants to know who hired Gregory to do this gig? Next to his performance, Valentine’s doesn’t look so bad. (Well, maybe they’re comparably bad.)

    Who thought importing some blowhard who doesn’t know beans about Massachusetts politics would be a good thing?

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