Romney And Ryan Historic Losers?

From Politico’s Morning Score:

NOTABLE: It looks increasingly likely that Romney and Ryan will be the first ticket since 1972 to lose both their home states

Said Huffington Post piece:

Romney-Ryan Ticket Could Be First To Lose Home States Since 1972

As new polls show President Barack Obama widening his margin in Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin and Mitt Romney’s stomping ground of Massachusetts sitting safely in the Democratic column, the GOP presidential nominee might want to embrace his innerWoodrow Wilson.

What can the all-business Republican standard-bearer just off his worst week ever learn from the 28th president, a former college president and progressivefrom a time when the latter word was spelled with a capital P? Maybe his secret path to the White House.

That’s because President Wilson, a former governor of New Jersey, and Vice President Thomas Marshall, a former governor of Indiana, both failed to hold their home states yet prevailed nationally to win reelection. The year was 1916.

As the HuffPost post notes, “Never before and never since has a major party presidential ticket been elected when both candidates lost their home states.”

Then again, see the 2004 Boston Red Sox.

Nuf ced.


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