The Most Splintering Man In The World

Advertising Age reports on the current political brew-ha-ha over the Don of Dos Equis:

Most Interesting Man’s Obama Endorsement Not Sitting Well With Some

Dos Equis Distances Itself From Mascot’s Political Activity

The Most Interesting Man in the World doesn’t always host fundraisers, but when he does, they’re for Barack Obama. And that’s upsetting some Dos Equis drinkers.

More than a few fans of the brand have taken to Facebook to protest a decision by Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays the character, to host a fundraiser for the Democrat on Sept. 18 in Vermont.

No good usually comes of media mavens jumping into the political arena. As Michael Jordan noted when asked why he didn’t endorse North Carolina Senate hopeful Harvey Gantt in 1990, “Republicans buy shoes too.”

(Campaign Outsider Update: Jordan willingly leaped into the 2012 presidential race, hosting a $3 million fundraising basketball game for Barack Obama last month.)

Don Equis is not the only celebrity winding up on the horns of a campaign dilemma. Oprah Winfrey faced plenty of backlash when she endorsed Obama in 2008. Her viewers counted on Winfrey to administer the Oprah Authenticity Test to presidential candidates (see Al Gore and John Kerry fail appearances for further details), and her Obama endorsement took her out of the game.

She hasn’t made the same mistake this time around.

Then again, she has virtually no audience to lose this time around, so who really cares?


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