Scott Brown Plays The Sweater Card

From our As Night Follows the Day desk

As soon as any political opponent even tangentially attacks Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-Professional Nice Guy), it’s a mortal lock that he’ll immediately turn up in a TV spot wearing a sweater and doing the MISTIA (More In Sorrow Than In Anger) thing.

Exhibit A:

Brown’s kitchen sink spot in his 2010 U. S. Senate special election race vs. Martha Coakley (D-Coaklied) [with voter reaction graphs overlaid].


That sweater-clad everyguy became the iconic image of Brown in his upset victory over Coakley.

Exhibit B:

Brown’s new TV spot, released yesterday in response to the first negative ad in the current Senate race from challenger Elizabeth Warren (D-Warrened?).


Kicker: “I’m the same Scott Brown I’ve always been . . .”

And that’s the same sweater he’s always worn when he makes this pitch.


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4 Responses to Scott Brown Plays The Sweater Card

  1. That this schmuck is even in the mix, much less leading in polls, has me wondering about Massachusetts voters. Wall Street plays Scott Brown, Scott Brown plays MA voters.

  2. Kristin789 says:

    We need to remember that when Scott Brown plays the sweater card, keeps driving around in his truck with his handsome barn jacket, folding laundry and talking about his daughters because he does not want us to look at or talk about his voting record. When Elizabeth mentions it, he or his campaign claim she is going negative.

    • Al says:

      He still hasn’t admitted to anyone that he’s a Republican, and ever voted for anything other than warm and fuzzy bipartisan bills. “Vote for me, Scott Brown (R Barn Jacket).”

  3. Alan Grossberg says:

    Put aside the fact that MA has a dismal history of supporting female candidates (a big aside). Elizabeth Warren’s biggest obstacle is the fact that most of the electorate are suckers for macho guys wearing jeans and leather or suede jackets or, better yet, sweaters. Throw in a dog and a big truck and it’s game…set…match.

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