Scott Brown Not Akin For A Fight

As you splendid readers might (or more likely might not) remember, the hardworking staff noted the other day that Missouri Senate hopeful (and rape rapier) Todd Akin dope slapped Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-Dope Slapped) pretty good regarding Brown’s position on abortion rights.

Of course the hardworking staff, which is all about fair play, immediately contacted Brown campaign spokeswoman Alleigh Marré for the senator’s response.

To: <>
Subject: Response to Todd Akin Swipe at Sen. Brown?

Dear Ms. Marré,

Todd Akin has sent out a fundraising letter that takes a direct swipe at Sen. Brown and his position on abortion rights.

Details here:

Does Sen. Brown have a response?

Apparently, Sen. Brown does not have a response, since we’ve heard exactly nothing from his campaign.

So . . .

Like that, Sen. Brown?

P.S. We’ll be sending this post to the Brown campaign.


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3 Responses to Scott Brown Not Akin For A Fight

  1. Al says:

    Brown won’t admit to anyone that he’s a Republican, just a warm and fuzzy guy. People might realize he’s been a reliable vote for the most desired conservative agenda initiatives. Taking on Akin might just be a big red flag that’s too big for him to risk.

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