Scott Brown Jobs Bill Claims A Snow Job?

In his final Brown’s Take column (chronicling the Democratic National Convention) for the Boston Herald), Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown wrote this:

During the last year, I have stood with President Obama as he signed two of my jobs initiatives into law that were incorporated into the president’s own Jobs Bill. In fact, they were the only pieces of the president’s plan to pass.

We’ll need more of that kind of cooperation in Washington if we are going to get our economy back on track. Too many people are hurting to spend all our time bickering, battling and posturing.

Not surprisingly, there’s another – very different – view of Brown’s jobs record.

From Democratic Underground:

At a noon press conference in Randolph [in August], US Senator Scott Brown is set to deliver what his office is calling a “major policy speech” ontaxes. While his Massachusetts constituents can certainly expect Senator Brown to echo the stereotypical ‘gut-and-cut’ tax rhetoric of his Republican colleagues in Washington, here are five truths we won’t hear Brown mention about his voting record on taxes:

1. “I voted to give tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas.”
Scott Brown voted to filibuster the Creating American Jobs & Ending Offshoring Act, a bill would have ended tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs or build plants and offices offshore to replace American facilities. The vote came as thousands of American workers face impending layoffs while training their replacements from China, India, and elsewhere. (US Senate roll call vote #242, 9/28/10)

2. “I gave $24 billion of your tax dollars to Big Oil.”
In the face of drastic budget cuts, Scott Brown voted three times to give more than $24 billion in taxpayer funds to the oil industry over the next decade. The top five Big Oil companies – BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell – are amongst the most profitable corporations in the world, posting $137 billion in profits in 2011 alone. (US Senate roll call votes #187 6/15/10; #72, 5/17/11; #63, 3/29/12)

3. “I voted to take more money out of your paycheck.”
Scott Brown voted to filibuster legislation to extend the payroll tax cut for working families – holding low and middle income workers hostage to shield the wealthiest Americans from a small surtax on income over $1 million. In effect, Brown cast a deciding vote to raise taxes on 113 million working families. In Massachusetts, the surtax would have affected just 0.6% of taxpayers with an average income of more than $2 million. (US Senate roll call vote #219, 12/1/11)

And etc.

The hardmoonwalking staff vouches for none of the above assertions.

We just thought you should know about them.

UPDATE: Also about this, this, and this. It’s not quite as straightforward as Brown – or his critics – make it out to be.

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2 Responses to Scott Brown Jobs Bill Claims A Snow Job?

  1. I know the guy who wrote the first “five truths” piece for DU. Just sayin’.

  2. Scott says:

    Lame half truths of a Liz Tomahawk Warren supporter should be the title eh? Are you part of DEMOS too? And if Warren is so great, why did she use 275,000 in taxpayer money to have voter registration forms stuffed into welfare checks for HER campaign? Is that someone you want making policy for our country? Actually for Obama supporters it must sound quite refreshing.. someone who doesn’t care about spending tax payers dollars to get elected or in Obama’s case, to keep his failed job… Brown voted against the middle class tax cuts cause the Democrats wanted to raise taxes on job creators, ie those making 200K single or 250K families.. I know some of you think that anyone making 200K is a millionaire who deserves to give everything to uncle sam, but there are some of us who know that the majority of the jobs created in this country come from small business creators, not multi-millionaires.. so yes, it SOUNDS good as a talking point, but the fact is, we have terrible job growth (96,000 created in Aug. plus -22,000 and -45,000 upgraded numbers for June and July 2012 AND 386,000 people LEFT the workforce, thus lowering unemployment). Heck, if we get enough people to leave the work force we might get the unemployment down to what Obama promised when we gave him 800 billion in stimulus funds, which a decent chunk was WASTED on solar energy. And then to top of the electric car fiasco, tax payers now have to pay 10,000 for every person who BUYS one of these GM electric vehicles! How is that fair? Electric power is not ready for primetime, but let’s push it anyway with tax payer money! And the latest Obama fiasco… Because of the Mandatory SSequestration cuts coming in Jan 2013, there is a law called the WARN ACT that requires large companies with 100+ employee’s to issue layoff notices 60 days in advance if they are planning on major layoffs.. WELL, there just so happen to be a LOT of planned layoffs coming if those sequestration cuts are not diverted. So, this creates a problem for Obama, since the 60 days notice comes right at the same time as the Nov 6 election, and that means companies like lockheed martin, etc have to send out layoff notifications around the election time.. SO what does the big O do? Tells these comopanies to IGNORE the law and NOT send the layoff notifications and that if the employee’s sue the company for not letting them know of layoffs, that the GOVERNMENT USING TAXPAYER DOLLARS WILL COVER THE LEGAL EXPENSES for Lockheed Martin itself! imagine that. telling companies to voilate disclosure laws and agreeing to pay for the legal fee’s with tax payer dollars! If that isn’t the lowest of the low…. then I don’t know what is beneth this administration!

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