High-Ground Scotty Brown

Back in the day, the junior senator from Massachusetts was known as Downtown Scotty Brown for his shooting prowess on the basketball court.

Nowadays, he’s just as adept at the political game.

Case in point: Brown’s Take in the Boston Herald, his comments on the Democratic National Convention – the bookend to Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren’s comments on last week’s GOP hoedown.

Warren’s Take was pure campaign agitprop. Representative sample:

At tonight’s Republican convention, lots of politicians will probably say they support small businesses. But they probably won’t talk much about how Washington is rigged for big businesses, while entrepreneurs and small businesses are fighting uphill. And every time Scott Brown and his fellow Republicans vote for tax subsidies for oil companies or tax breaks for companies moving money overseas, they help keep it that way.

Brown voted against a plan to extend tax cuts for 98 percent of Massachusetts’ residents and 97 percent of small businesses in order to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest 2 percent. He voted to protect billions in tax subsidies for big oil companies, and then he worked in secret to water down Wall Street reform.

But Brown – savvy as always – has a much softer approach.

From his first dispatch:

I plan on watching the Democratic National Convention this week and sharing some of my thoughts with you. My purpose will not be to criticize the other party, but to look for areas of common ground. Regardless of what political party you’re in, the challenges we face are the same: Nearly 23 million of our fellow Americans are either out of work or underemployed.

I was honored to be named by Congressional Quarterly as one of the most bipartisan senators in the country. Whatever else separates us, we’re all Americans first.

And Americans are nothing if not opportunistic.

From today’s Herald:

During political conventions, viewers expect to hear plenty of partisan red meat. It’s all great fun and entertaining. But when all the balloons and confetti are gone, we need to put aside party differences, roll up our sleeves and get things done for the people we represent.

My effort to crack down on insider trading is a good example of finding common ground.

Brown is not only finding common ground. He’s finding the right footing for this campaign.


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1 Response to High-Ground Scotty Brown

  1. Not to mention the Bruins shirt he’s sporting in his latest TV ad…

    …despite the fact that he was at exactly one game last year, and wore a red sweater with the Habs in the building. #PinkHat

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