Quote o’ the Day (Learning To Like Mitt Edition)

In his column for the September 3rd edition of the Weekly Standard, Andrew Ferguson “[feels] free to admit, in the full knowledge that nobody cares, that I never liked Mitt Romney.”


My distaste for him isn’t merely personal or political but also petty and superficial. There’s the breathless, Eddie Attaboy delivery, that half-smile of pitying condescension in debates or interviews when someone disagrees with him, the Ken doll mannerisms, his wanton use of the word “gosh”—the whole Romney package has been nails on a blackboard to me.

But Ferguson, thinking he might be missing something since Romney is in fact the GOP presidential nominee, “resolved to dive into the Romney literature, which I soon discovered should post a disclaimer, like a motel pool: NO DIVING.”

Regardless, he also discovered this (which is the actual Quote o’ the Day):

By my count the literature includes one good book, The Real Romney, by two reporters from the Boston Globe. That’s the same Globe with the leftward tilt to its axis and a legendary anti-Romney animus—which lends authority to their largely favorable portrait. The flattering details of Romney’s life were so numerous and unavoidable that the authors, dammit, had no choice but to include them.

Ferguson, who’s a genuinely tough customer (and a damned funny writer), actually does come to like Romney by the end of the column.

Gosh, Mitt must be poppin’ his buttons!


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