Karl Rove’s Acid Flashback

There’s a new Super PAC in town: Crossroads Generation, which is “drawing upon $750,000 in seed money from GOP organizations like the College Republicans, the Young Republicans, the Republican State Leadership Committee and American Crossroads – itself a super PAC that has raised $100 million so far this election cycle to defeat [Pres.] Obama,” according to the Huffington Post.

The name to note in that litany is American Crossroads, one of the Super PAChyderms established by former House of Bush consigliere Karl Rove.

Now Crossroads Generation has launched this hippy-dippy-trippy spot:


The ad is part of what HuffPo says is a “$50,000 social media ad campaign targeting younger voters in eight swing states, including Ohio and Virginia.”

Which means it’s lunch money in the current presidential media smackdown.

Regardless, it’s gotten 146,545 views on YouTube.

So it’s not nothing.

But it’s not much of anything, either.


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2 Responses to Karl Rove’s Acid Flashback

  1. “I pledge to be a servant to our president”? Another example of all the money in the world not being enough to disguise that this is the ä-hôle party.

    Notice, btw, that comments are disabled on youtube, which means they didn’t like what they were reading.

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