Why Is There No “Keep Boston Weird” Campaign?

From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Asheville, N.C. Debates: How Weird is Too Weird?

Topless Rally Raises Eyebrows, Questions

ASHEVILLE, N.C.—This city has made a name for itself as a tourist and retirement haven, known for its arts festivals, spiritual retreats and welcoming culture.

But a topless rally here Sunday prompted even locals who want to “Keep Asheville Weird” to question if weird is a sustainable economic model, especially in a downturn.”Being strange is one of the things we have in our favor, that people feel comfortable here,” said Patti Best, who sells her paintings in downtown galleries. But Ms. Best said she worries about blurring the line between being accepting and being offensive. “Asheville has a lot of attraction for families, and they aren’t going to come to a place that’s veering so far out of the mainstream,” she said.

Although the Journal didn’t mention it, the Asheville campaign mirrors Austin, TX’s Keep Austin Weird effort.

So what the hardweirding staff wants to know is: Why no “Keep Boston Weird” campaign?

(And don’t give us any Future Boston Alliance booshwah: That group is lamer than David Ortiz.)

Truth is, Boston’s not weird.

It’s just lame wired.


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5 Responses to Why Is There No “Keep Boston Weird” Campaign?

  1. Never heard of Asheville, NC.

    It’s always struck me funny that out-of-towners who think Boston is lame never consider that maybe they just weren’t invited to anything fun.

    New Yorkers in particular take forever to figure out (and some never do) that Boston bars close at 1 for the simple reason that if you haven’t been invited someplace better by that hour, you should go home.

  2. hubpub says:

    who are they?

  3. Jessikanesis says:

    Boston doesn’t need a “campaign” to be weird.

    We also don’t need to be weird exclusively after 1am. Believe it or not, we can be weird when the sun is out. And we’re usually well-rested while we’re doing it.

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