New York Times (Hearts) Scott Brown, Buzzfeed (Hearts) Elizabeth Warren

The Massachusetts Senate race is front-and-center among the political chin-strokerati.

New York Times Scott Brown mash note:

Hailed as a Republican hero in 2010 when he snared the Senate seat held for decades by Edward M. Kennedy, Mr. Brown has been shucking his party label ever since. He spent more than $1 million last week — an astonishing amount in the summer doldrums — to air a series of elegiac commercials in which Democrats praise him as an independent.

Elegiac? Really? The harddefining staff has elegiac as, “Of, relating to, or involving elegy or mourning or expressing sorrow for that which is irrevocably past.” (American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition.)

Not a good adjective for Brown’s future.

Regardless, the Times piece is positive overall, with this observation as a bonus:

The [Paul] Ryan [vice-presidential] selection has underscored a big difference in how the Brown and Warren campaigns are approaching the election: Mr. Brown’s is local while Ms. Warren’s is national, to his apparent irritation. “I know that Professor Warren would love to run against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but unfortunately she’s running against me,” Mr. Brown said Wednesday as reporters continued to pepper him with questions about the Republican ticket.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed planted a big wet kiss on Elizabeth Warren in this piece.

Beyond extolling Warren’s “nerdy charm” and “quirky appeal,” the Buzzfeed post included this observation

[S]pending time on the trail with Warren last week showed there’s a wrinkle in the narrative that she’s cold and unapproachable. And voters BuzzFeed spoke with seemed remarkably attached to Warren not just for her ideas, but for her “compassion” and “warmth.”

Clearly, this race is not just warming but heating up.


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4 Responses to New York Times (Hearts) Scott Brown, Buzzfeed (Hearts) Elizabeth Warren

  1. E.J. Dionne has a thoughtful column about the race in the Washington Post today worth reading.

  2. Warren’s decision to run her campaign on MSNBC may be giving her a false sense of security. Obviously one seizes any opportunity to be on national TV, but it’s a mistake to believe it necessarily translates to this map:

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