Let The Whatever-Billion-Dollar Rumpus Begin! (You’re A Liar! No, YOU’RE A Liar! Edition)

Here’s what the 2012 presidential race has come down to:

One campaign releases a lying ad (Exhibit A); the other campaign releases a lying response to the lying ad (Exhibit B).

From Politico’s Morning Score:

ROMNEY RERELEASES “AMERICA DESERVES BETTER”: The campaign says they’re pushing a TV ad into Iowa as Obama continues his bus tour across the state decries the misleading Priorities USA cancer attack, which the president himself has still not weighed in on.

Pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA Action Exhibit A:


Romney campaign Exhibit B:


Also from Morning Score:

OBAMA RESPONDS TO “FALSE WELFARE REFORM ATTACK ADS”: A 90-second web video juxtaposes Romney telling the president to take his campaign out of the gutter with clips of media personalities calling his welfare attacks inaccurate.

Romney campaign Exhibit A:


Obama campaign Exhibit B:


Hardworking Staff Exhibit C:

This Totally Blows.


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