Memo To Boston Globe: You Missed One Of Scott Brown’s Cross-Yessers

The Boston Sunday Globe Political Intelligencer column noted that all those Democrats endorsing Scott Brown in descending-order-of-impressiveness TV spots are, well, Hemocrats.

Brown ads show Democrats in name only, critics charge

Senator Scott Brown’s latest round of TV ads, featuring Democrats who have endorsed him, has prompted a flood of complaints from political observers arguing that the first two people featured — former Boston Mayor Raymond L. Flynn and former Worcester Mayor Konstantina Lukes — are Democrats in name only.

They noted that Flynn is also backing Republican Mitt Romney for president, endorsed Republican George W. Bush rather than Democrat Al Gore in 2000, and dinged 1998 Democratic gubernatorial nominee Scott Harshbarger by showing up at a Boston bar with then-Republican nominee Paul Cellucci.

Lukes’s husband ran for office as a Republican and she has a son who was a Republican State Committee member.

Missing among the Globe’s cross-yessing endorsers: Former Bristol County District Attorney Paul Walsh, who checked in this past week:


Walsh, as the Springfield Republican’s Shira Schoenberg reports, “has backed Republicans in prior elections, including former Massachusetts Governors William Weld and Paul Cellucci.”

So many cross-yessers. So little airtime.


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2 Responses to Memo To Boston Globe: You Missed One Of Scott Brown’s Cross-Yessers

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    I guess that Scott won’t be getting the Marsha Coakley endorsement any time soon.

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