Is Submarining

Yesterday the hardreading staff at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town noted that the Boston Sunday Globe had two major takeouts on its front page.

Turns out, they also appeared on – here and here.

The hardworking staff seems to remember that when the Globe split its website into (pay with information) and (pay with money) in September of  last year, Globe execs said the former would provide “a limited selection of stories from the paper.”

But if the two biggest stories from Sunday’s paper can be had for free on, why would anyone subscribe to the pay site? certainly had a less-than-auspicious debut. From the Boston Business Journal in February:

The Globe has 16,000 digital subscribers after four months of going live, according to the Times’ earnings report. It started its online experiment with about 5,800 digital subscribers, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations report, so the net gain is about 10,000.

The hardsearching staff is still trying to find current numbers, but for some reason 44,000 is stuck in our head.

Anything you can add, splendid readers?

Meanwhile, any response, Globe execs?


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