Obama For America – Except In Campaign Ad’s Music

During the London Olympics opening ceremony, NBC’s myriad viewers saw this spot for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign:



We’re a nation of workers and doers and dreamers. We work hard for what we get. And all we ask for is that our hard work pays off. I believe that the way you grow the economy is from the middle out. I believe in fighting for the middle class because if they’re prospering all of us will prosper. That’s the idea of America and that’s why America is the greatest nation on earth.

But sharp-eared reader Paige Impink heard a discordant note in this All-American pitch. She wrote to the hardworking staff:

Cracked up at the Obama ad during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics- for all his talk of Romney sending jobs overseas, the ad has the opening riff from U2’s “Streets Have No Name” as its background. American? Not! Maybe just a generational play but at least use Bruce Springsteen!



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2 Responses to Obama For America – Except In Campaign Ad’s Music

  1. Wait — the Irish aren’t American?

    Heck, Dublin is closer to Boston in the things that matter than, say, Houston.

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