“I’m Scott Pelley, And I DON’T Approve This Message”

Karl Rove’s 501(c)(4) gunsel Crossroads GPS has hijacked CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley for its latest Obama drive-by. From Politico’s Morning Score:

FIRST LOOK – “THIS IS THE WORST ECONOMIC RECOVERY AMERICA HAS EVER HAD.”That’s how Scott Pelley led the CBS Evening News on July 17, giving Crossroads GPS a great clip to lead its newest commercial with. The conservative advocacy group highlights “41 straight months of unemployment over 8 percent, almost four million fewer jobs than President Obama predicted and 23 million Americans without full-time work.” A female narrator says this is the direct result of “Obama’s failed stimulus policies.” The new spot, which goes on the air today, is part of a $25 million TV buy Crossroads GPS announced an hour after the weak jobs report on July 6. Many expect another weak report this Friday. The new spot will run in Florida, Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

The spot:


There’s no indication via the Googletron that Pelley has protested his involuntary inclusion in the attack, but journalists generally are not happy about this growing trend of campaigns appropriating news footage to kick political opponents, as John Harwood noted in the New York Times the other week:

More and more this election year, campaign ads include footage from television news programs, further blurring the fading lines separating modern journalism and politics. The trend bothers practitioners of journalism more than those in politics.

And the more it happens, the more it will happen, Harwood says:

Once campaigns feared complaints from prominent TV journalists — and the hassle of responding to the lawyers who spoke for them. Now ad makers from both parties shrug them off, as the prevalence of the practice increases their confidence that “fair use” broadcasting rules make legal threats toothless.

Which, in turn, threatens to make journalists toothless as well.


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4 Responses to “I’m Scott Pelley, And I DON’T Approve This Message”

  1. Pat Ballentine says:

    I protested this attack ad that ran as a commercial for local news followed by CBSnews Aug. 1. I claimed that the ad seemed like CBS news, since the Pelley spot was from a broadcast. It seemed that Pelley was introducing a news piece by someone else, but the rest was all attack–it was all opinion. Very cleverly done, and it casts doubt on CBSnews integrity as well as Obama. The effect was to put words into CBS’s corporate mouth. It seemed like CBSnews opinion. The CBS logo was on the screen.

    The local affiliate sales manager Bob Serre responded to me with this:
    “This is a regular issue ad. It is not defamatory. It does not invade privacy.
    Management may continue to run this ad in its discretion.
    The use of the Pelley footage is a “fair use” under the Copyright law.
    It is considered transformative and commentary on a public issue.
    Thank you for watching WLNS-TV and for your inquiry.”

    My own opinion was that ONLY CBS can state its own position. There are Op Ed and Opinion pieces going back in history. Some of them are favorites of mine–Eric Sevaried for example.

    I think local stations need to respond to local citizens. I am one, and I don’t like it when people try to fool me. If I can’t believe you–I won’t watch your newscasts. This is corruption of the 5th estate.

  2. Mary Ann McKenna says:

    I totally agree with this charge against CBS and Scott Pelley. I get angry each time I see it which is quite frequent here in MA.

    • jlangley says:

      Scott Pelley is so hard to look at. Honestly, watch CBS tonite as they showed Romney being secretly recorded by “Mother Jones”, really? 4 months ago??? You guys are so desperate to put a spin on the middle east, what the little film thing is working against you? I’m one of the “old people” Bob Schaeffer referred to, the 47%, when Obama goes please take Bob and Scott with him and management at CBS news, they absolute disgust me. I’m old and poor, oh and must be stupid. Really, oh and take Candice Crawford, just because she’s really really stupid!

  3. Lil says:

    Me too. I stopped watching cbsnews because of it. Now every time I hear Scott Pelley’s voice I cringe and my blood starts boiling. They’re running it constantly in Maine.

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