Joe K 3.0 Comes To Our House

When the hardworking staff returned home from a post-prandial promenade last evening, we were met by a campaign card attached to our mailbox by some Joe Kennedy III acolyte.

The front:

The back:

Is it just us, or does that feature more eyewash than your corner drugstore? Oh, yeah – and he’s running against the system? Seriously?

The early over-under on Seinfeld “about nothing” references to the campaign: 1132. But we’ll go for the zen thing. The yin and yang of Joe K 3.0: Union bug on the front, QR code on the back.

We’ll see how well they co-exist.

(Photo credit: The Missus)


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9 Responses to Joe K 3.0 Comes To Our House

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Hmmm….Posting Joe-Joe-Joe’s campaign material on your web site. Eh?

    Isn’t against the law to place anything in or on a mail box? But, hey, it’s Joe-Joe-Joe and it’s HIS district and HIS state.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      What – you’re saying we’re a mole, Mudge. Remember how it works here: We report. You deride.

      • Curmudgeon says:

        No, John, I’se commenter, de ride is what you take to your friendly local garage.

    • I thought it was illegal to place something *IN* the mailbox, but attaching it to the outside is OK. Happens all the time to me.

      • Tanst Afl says:

        How are yours usually attached to the mailbox?

        I wonder how the JKIII ones were “attached” to the mailbox. It seems like a simple hand card and doesn’t even have the door knob hook cutout. Does it have a sticky part like a post it note?

      • Rubber bands or post-it or with tape. It’s OPENING the mailbox that makes it illegal – that’s only for the USPS and the owner.

  2. Typical “politician spew”, this is the same vague tripe that has gotten our country into the mess that we find ourselves in. We need to rethink who represents us, and start sending “real people” with real accomplishments to Washington. I support Sean Bielat. He’s got the common sense and practical experience that we need as badly as the Midwest needs rain. The LAST thing we need is another special interest bench warmer named Kennedy, taking up space in DC.

  3. Tanst Afl says:

    Not so fast. It’s not a Kennedy seat yet. An unknown, political novice Sean Bielat came out of nowhere and gave the powerful Barney Frank quite a scare 2 years ago. This time Sean is more experienced and his organization is already in place – which is very unusual for a GOP congressional candidate. While Kennedy’s slick, expensive material has a lot of eyewash there’s no substance, so the votes aren’t in on whether the Kennedy clan still can buy a seat for a name with a lot of money but no real world experience – certainly none that can match Bielat’s military, business and family experience.

    Once Joe K version 3.0 gets those gas prices up there where he thinks they should be, I hope your garage is close by.

  4. paa853 says:

    Agreed Tanst. I’m 26 – I didn’t get my license all that long ago and I remember when gas was $1.35. Now I’m paying 3 times that. I don’t even want to know what Kennedy thinks is appropriate – but then again Kennedys don’t fill up their own gas tanks. I rather have someone who worked his way up than someone who had everything handed to him – I’m voting for Sean Bielat.

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