SNAP President Responds To Campaign Outsider’s Questions

Yesterday the hardworking staff sent this email to Barbara Blaine, president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP:

Dear Ms. Blaine:

My name is John Carroll. I’m a media analyst for WBUR-FM in Boston and I produce the Campaign Outsider blog.

Last week I wrote about SNAP’s full-page ad in the New York Times:

Now that almost a week has gone by, I was hoping you might answer a few questions for me.

€ Have you run ads in the Times before?

€ How much did the ad cost?

€ How much has it generated in donations so far?

€ Did you received much other response/publicity from it?

I appreciate your taking the time to answer these questions, and best of luck in the future.

Ms. Blaine was kind enough to send this response:

Hi John:

Thanks for your interest in our ad!

We ran the ad at the suggestion of a new (anonymous) donor who felt strongly about what we try to do and offered to provide and pay for the ad.  It was, of course, expensive; it’s the New York Times, after all.  But it was a gift.

It’s been a real shot in the arm to our often discouraged and still suffering leaders and members, b/c it’s the first time in our 24 year history we’ve been given the chance to lay out, in a major media outlet, our view of this ongoing and devastating crisis. Usually, victims’ perspective is relegated to one or two sentences at the end of a news story about some promise or excuse by some bishop in some clergy sex case.

But through this ad, for the first time ever, we’ve been able to clearly stress that most complicit bishops are still in office and some predator priests are still in pulpits.  On July 27-29 more than 200 SNAP members – survivors of priest abuse and their friends and family – will gather in Chicago to work on next steps to try to make kids safer and help heal victims, in the church and other institutions.

All the best,

Okay. So that enlightened us . . . not at all.

But it’s nice not to be ignored.

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4 Responses to SNAP President Responds To Campaign Outsider’s Questions

  1. Ok, so it probably wasn’t Catholic Charities.

  2. Paul Kendrick says:

    There’s another question being asked of SNAP President, Barbara Blaine; one that she refuses to address. Child protection advocates want to know why Blaine wrote a letter to the Louisiana Medical Board in support of Dr. Steve Taylor who had been arrested (later convicted and sentenced to prison) for possession of 107 sexually explicit images of children on his computer. In her letter, Blaine praised Taylor for his “humanitarian” efforts on behalf of victims of child sexual abuse (Taylor and his wife, Lynn, helped start SNAP in New Orleans). Blaine has had every opportunity to amend and/or rescind her support of Taylor, but refuses to do so. By their failure to confront Blaine in a clear and forceful manner about her support of Taylor, SNAP members continue to inflict insult and injury upon those who are abused and exploited by the violence of child pornography. No one from SNAP is asking “What about the victims in the Taylor case?”

  3. Pauline Salvucci says:

    These are questions SNAP’s Barbara Blaine needs to address. Financial transparency is surely necessary in non-profit organizations. Even more so are the issues and questions presented in the previous post.

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