Headline o’ the Day (Presidential Candidate Outsourcing Edition)

From yesterday’s New York Times:

Obama and Romney Trade Shots, a Few Possibly Accurate, on Outsourcing

More, for all you splendid readers who care about the details:

WASHINGTON — As President Obama and Mitt Romney rush to define the other, each man is alleging one of the great economic sins: that his rival accelerated the exodus of American jobs to foreign countries.

Mr. Obama accuses Mr. Romney of being at the helm of a firm that invested in companies that outsourced their jobs. Mr. Romney, in remarks on Tuesday, called Mr. Obama the real “outsourcer in chief” for sending billions of dollars in stimulus funds to foreign-based firms and companies that “end up making their products outside the United States.”

The particulars have been denied or defended by both sides, and in many cases picked over by independent fact-checkers. In response, the two candidates and their allies have all but stuck their fingers in their ears while continuing with their outsourcing attacks.

That’s the story of this presidential campaign: Each candidate creates his own reality, and each candidate has the tools to distribute it.

Mainstream media be damned.

Voters too.

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2 Responses to Headline o’ the Day (Presidential Candidate Outsourcing Edition)

  1. The HWS is on the spot with this, but should take it further. We live in a country in which citizens can watch only the news they agree with — and politicians can avoid speaking in front of unfriendly media, pretty much forever.

    Reality is so 70’s.

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