Steve Schwartz Did NOT Miss His Last WGBH Radio Show

Last Friday the hardworking staff worried that Steve Schwartz might be aced out of his final WGBH Jazz from Studio Four show.

He was not.

And Steve produced a sweet swan song.

Sometime around 10 pm he said something like this:

“I’ll be here after midnight until we’ve played all the music I brought tonight.”

True enough, sometime around 12:45 Steve said something like this:

Thank you for your support and your participation in the Boston jazz community . . . And I always close the show saying: Please go out and hear some live music.

Here’s John Coltrane on saxophone with “Every Time We Say Goodbye.”

(A 1961 version)

Steve Schwartz did go gentle into that good night.

A class act all the way around the course.

P.S. A Friday Letter to the Editor in the Boston Globe announced this:

We understand the challenges facing WGBH and other NPR stations nationwide. We also understand the pain and outrage of Boston’s jazz community because we’re part of that community. Other US cities have faced the same problems, and some of the most enlightened ones have found solutions. We’re optimistic that can happen here.

To begin the process, JazzBoston will bring together members of Greater Boston’s jazz community and friends in the broader arts community in an open meeting at the Boston Public Library on July 31. We expect a large turnout.

See you there.

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