So Shame On You, Barack Obama!

Mitt Romney (R-Nobamacare) has a new TV spot and a new BFF: Hillary Clinton.


According to BuzzFeed, the ad is running in seven swing states, but a former Clinton aide doubts it will be effective:

Anyone who’s ever run against anyone thinks that the other side is distorting their views with negative ads, especially someone (like Hillary) who was losing at that time. So I’m not sure that the gripe from her will be shocking to voters. And I’m not even sure that using it would have been effective even had McCain used it in 2008, let alone four years later when it just feels so old.

Beyond that, the Clintonaut says, “[p]eople like Obama. Doing an ad about him being an asshole is an attempt at persuasion, rather than deepening an already held view. The former is harder.”

Yeah – that’s where having tens of millions of dollars comes in handy.

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