What’s Mitt Romney’s Problem?

As a service to our splendid readers, the hardreading staff checks out a lot of dailypolitical digests, and sometimes the contrasts are just too big to ignore.

Case in point: The “Romney Problem” as articulated by MSNBC’s First Read and ABC’s The Note.

From Tuesday’s First Read:

*** Mitt be (not so) nimble, Mitt be (not so) quick: If there is a constant criticism about Mitt Romney and his campaign from both the left and right, it’s that they’re not nimble — especially when it comes to dealing with issues they’d prefer to ignore.

From Tuesday’s The Note:

The biggest criticisms that Mitt Romney and President Obama are getting from the political press corps and the cognoscenti along the Acela corridor is this:

Romney needs to be more specific on his policy positions and Obama needs to be more positive, selling himself on the merits instead of just trashing Romney (and private equity).

But campaign theory and campaign reality are often miles apart.

Getting more specific only opens Romney up to criticism and potential pitfalls.

Of course, it’s possible that both are true, but we’re getting a little confused here at the Global Worldwide Headquarters.

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4 Responses to What’s Mitt Romney’s Problem?

  1. As a Democratic spokes-head said on MSNBC last night: Romney needs to “put the proof in the pudding.”

  2. I like this analysis by Right Wing News’s John Hawkins. His #1 reason: “People just don’t like Mitt”.

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