PETA Gets Well-Bred

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a radical animal-rights group that has often employed tactics that alienate many who would otherwise be sympathetic to their cause, seems to be realizing that mainstream media want mainstream manners.

Case in point: This Wednesday Wall Street Journal ad.

(It was actually a squared-up version of the ad, but why get technical about it.)

The point is, maybe PETA has come to its senses – and the general public’s sensibilities.

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3 Responses to PETA Gets Well-Bred

  1. What, no naked women? People for Erotic Titillating Advertisements seems to have forgotten their true calling.

  2. Faustina Moschetto says:

    PETA and other animal rights groups have successfully galvanized public opposition against celebrities who wear fur, helping to turn the practice into an ethical and fashion taboo. Now the largest animal rights organization in the world has turned its attention to celebrities who endorse the consumption of animal products.^

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