Hey – Does This Validate The People’s Pledge?

The hardworking staff has been bird-dogging the People’s Pledge to keep independent expenditure groups out of the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Scott Brown (R-Have You Met My Wife?) and challenger Elizabeth Warren (D-Indian Giver).

Yet another indication that it’s working (via Politico’s Morning Score):

THE SENATE – CROSSROADS BOMBARDS SIX DEM SENATE CANDIDATES: “The GOP independent spending goliath American Crossroads and its affiliate group Crossroads GPS are launching a new barrage of attack ads in six competitive Senate races, assailing a range of Democratic candidates as big-spending, liberal, ethically challenged and overly close to President Barack Obama,” Alex Burns writes. “The ad campaign will total $4.6 million across a half-dozen states, a Crossroads strategist told POLITICO. American Crossroads is targeting the Nebraska, Nevada and Virginia Senate contests, while 501(c)4 group Crossroads GPS is funding the ads in North Dakota, Missouri and Ohio.” Story: http://politi.co/NxNxiu. Hit on Claire McCaskill: http://bit.ly/LjXiNU. Hit on Heidi Heitkamp: http://bit.ly/LVglz8. Hit on Sherrod Brown: http://bit.ly/KEpCYh. Hit on Bob Kerrey: http://bit.ly/MLADff. Hit on Shelly Berkley: http://bit.ly/OyKCUG. Hit on Tim Kaine: http://bit.ly/L4IJzn.

Is there any doubt Warren would be on that list absent the People’s Pledge?


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3 Responses to Hey – Does This Validate The People’s Pledge?

  1. Steve Stein says:

    “Hey – Does This Validate The People’s Pledge?” You betcha.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Probably unnecessary. Warren has been doing a pretty good hit job on herself.

    Lies and ducking the press are not ways of endearing oneself to the voters.

  3. Marie Barry says:

    Perhaps the pledge is what kept Warren from pointing out that the Senator is a pedophile protector based on his recent book in which he said he was sexually abused but refused to ID the abuser…. which would have helped other children. The media hasn’t wallpapered the media with that one!

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